Custom Websites & Online Advertising

I Build Websites & Generate Leads 24/7

Custom Websites & Online Advertising

I Build Websites & Generate Leads 24/7


I help small and medium sized businesses increase their digital footprint on the wold wide web.

My mission is to help scale your business by developing an efficient business website that caters to your needs. Each business has exclusive nuances that require an individual approach rather than the cookie-cutter services provided by most website development companies. Some businesses may only need a landing page with contact information while others may need an online appointment system, community based website, product catalogs, or even a state-of-the art e-commerce store. I understand every business operation is as unique as a fingerprint, and I will approach your project with a blank canvas to create a tool that will benefit you and your customers.

Many businesses try DIY services like Wix or Square Space, but realize they are extremely limited to the functionalities of those platforms. Also, DIY websites are very time consuming, and more often than not, business owners are not aware of best practices which may lead to slow websites, terrible UX (user experience), little to zero SEO, or even worse, higher opportunity costs.

I will make sure your website is built using best practices in UX, SEO, and design. Every website I build will be optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktops. Don’t waste time and money on cookie-cutter websites and DIY services, invest in something that fits your business like a glove and spend your time doing what you do best.

In addition to building a highly functional website, I also provide PPC (pay-per-click) or paid advertisement services like Google Adwords, Goolge PLA, Facebook ads, and Amazon Sponsored ads. With over five years of funneling large amounts of traffic with high conversion rates for a variety of businesses, I am confident that I will also increase your revenue by bringing higher converting traffic to your site, increasing the number of new leads, attracting customers to your brick & mortar store, or creating engagement between your business and your customers. The opportunity to grow your business is endless with strategic online advertisement!

Custom Website

I will build a custom website that caters to your business needs. From blogs, to landing pages, to fully customized e-commerce stores, I will provide you with a custom build that will serve as the virtual headquarters of your operation.

Online Advertising

With over 5 years of digital marketing experience, I will utilize Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Social Media & Email Campaigns to develop a strategic funnel to convert your target audience into loyal customers & clients.


Using best practices and relevant data from Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and various analytics platforms, I will maintain and optimize your custom website & marketing campaigns to increase your ROI.

Optimize for All Devices

Your custom website will be optimized for all platforms (mobile, table, laptops, and desktops). With increasing traffic from mobile devices, I will build your website with a “mobile first” approach and create an effective virtual real estate for all screen sizes.

Data, Data, Data

The first step in optimizing your investment is knowing how to interpret your data. By integrating Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, and resources like heat maps and Heap Analytics, I will effectively segment data from several platforms to optimize high converting funnels.

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